I’m a hodgepodge. Not a hedgehog—that’s s a completely different kind of animal. Me? I’m a grab bag, a miscellany, a patchwork. A whole jumble of ideas, abilities, possibilities, and passions. I’m a gardener, family archivist, food preservationist, ponderer, modern homesteader, nature lover, photographer, reader, and (of course) a writer, to mention a few—all to varying degrees at any given time.

This site is also a hodgepodge: a potpourri of random musings, reminiscences, my modern homesteading experience, recipes, personal reflections (in poetry and prose), and who knows what all. Photos, too. What you find here may be lighthearted or thought-provoking, sometimes a bit of both. Mostly it’s an exploration of my relationship to the world around me.

Won’t you come along for the ride? And please, invite your friends. (Oh, you wanted to see something more personal on my home page? Check out my blog post, “Who am I and What am I Doing Here?”.)