Hello, Goodbye

By various accounts, the average lifespan of a blogging site may be as short as 100 days–I’ve seen some with much shorter lives. Other reports indicate that most bloggers hang in there for two to two-and-a-half years before calling it quits. Well, I’ve been at it for nearly six years, and over that time I’ve gathered hundreds of followers. That’s plenty for me. Thank you Dear Reader–and I mean that.

Well, you can see where this is going. If you’re a long-time reader, you may have noticed that my blogs have slowly decreased in frequency over time. For the last few months, I’ve been waging a private battle with myself. Do I keep blogging or shut down my site? It’s a tougher question than you might think. Living on the Diagonal has become part of me. Yet, I find other interests moving in to take over my life. I want to get the dirt of gardening under my fingernails again. I’ve developed new passions for collaging and creating altered books.

Something’s gotta give.

I started blogging because I like to write; blogging made my writing feel more real. I never blogged to make money and never hawked anything (other than my own writing). I did it for fun. That’s all. And now some other things have become more fun–at least for now.

So, with mixture of sadness and excitement for new adventures I bid you adieu, though my site will stay live for two or three months in case you want to look back at past posts. Thanks you for allowing me to share my life, my thoughts, my travels, and my photography with you. It’s been fun.

(And speaking of photography, I can’t say a final farewell without leaving a few random images.)

My beautiful mom at ninety-six . . .
. . . and at nineteen.
Daisies may be my favorite flower, but irises come in a mighty close second.
With hauls like this, who can blame me for wanting to get back to gardening and preserving?
Winter on the diagonal can be stunning.
Among the many gorgeous wildflowers to grace the diagonal are Turk’s Cap Lilies. How fortunate we are!
From the wayback machine–when I was just getting to know my gentle, handsome dad.
California sunset.
The Dignity sculpture on Interstate 90 in South Dakota took my breath away.

14 thoughts on “Hello, Goodbye

  1. Carole, I applaud your six years of blogging! Enjoy your time gardening, and thanks for the lovely farewell photos. Hope to see you this fall at one of the workshops!

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  2. Carole, it has been a joy to share your thoughts, your stories, your lovely photos, and a little of your life after all these years. Enjoy your gardening and other ventures and keep on sharing on FB.

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  3. ” Thank you for allowing me to share my life, my thoughts, my travels, and my photography with you.” — Thank YOU for sharing with US!!!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed every blog post — both the writing and the FABULOUS photos!!!

    Best wishes for “whatever comes next”,

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  4. Hello there! I had tried to write to you before, but I’m not sure that it went through. I found your blog when I was doing research on Grace Potter Carroll – who lived in the building that is now my office. I want to say thank you so very much for your piece on her. It was absolutely an instrumental part of my research on her and was, in fact, what inspired me to continue doing research on her life. You are a fantastic writer and I am grateful to have read your words. I understand being called to other endeavors and wish you the best! Thank you so much,

    Jamie Zane Brazell, M.Ed., LMFT, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist Supervisor (CST-S), MFT Supervisor Candidate *(**she/her)* *Practice owner of Out of the Woods Therapy * *AASECT & MFT Supervisor-in-training * *Adjunct Professor at Converse University * *Marriage & Family Therapy Master’s Program*

    Out of the Woods Therapy 19 Zillicoa St., suite 3 * *Asheville, NC 28801 (828) 333-4907 http://www.outofthewoodstherapy.com http://www.outofthewoodstherapy.com

    *IMPORTANT: This is a gentle reminder that email is not the most secure form of communication. If you decide to send me personal information through email, I cannot completely guarantee the same level of confidentiality as our in-person interactions. *

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    • Hi jamiezane, So sorry I never received your previous message. But wow and double wow! It’s so exciting to make connections like these. Grace Potter Carroll was just one part of my research when writing David Rae Smith: A Life in Opera, but did she ever capture my attention–as did her socialite aunt and her patron. Glad you found my blog post on this interesting and talented woman who influenced so many. Isn’t research fascinating? Hope you’ve had good fortune in your own research efforts. How interesting to be based in her former home. And thanks so much for the compliment!


  5. Carole, I feel your pain and share the desire to create in other ways.

    Take the plunge. Make room for new adventures. I’ve done it since retiring from Alleghany Writers and the new joy is immense.
    And, I’ve dropped the pen name and reclaimed my birth name…and gone back to the Clairol 110 of my youth!
    Born again as Barb, Babs, or Barbie Collins .
    Keep me on your list!

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