The Crone’s Autobiography in Twenty Minutes

  • Born with the atom bomb 
  • Struggling, loving parents
  • Polio scare
  • Doodlebug, Doodlebug, come out of your hole; your house is on fire and your children will burn”
  • Mustard plasters
  • Daddy telling “The Crooked Mouth Family” story (over and over to much delight)
  • Separated from my best friend
  • Found him again two years later and showered him with 100 unwanted kisses on the school playground
  • Hopscotch; Jacks; Lavender Blue, Billy Billy, Lavender Green
  • Field trips—Merita Bakery, Coble Dairy, Timrod Park
  • Spelling bees, Old Maid, racist school plays (Epaminondas; Little Black Sambo)
  • Recess trips to the bathroom with friends to see who’d be the first to get her period
  • First bra; first kiss
  • Les Miserables; First “C” (Damned math!)
  • School chorus, church choir, handbell choir
  • 4-H—projects, camps, awards
  • Student Senate, May Court, Social Board, Japanese tea garden
  • First love, lost love, real love
  • All grown up, all alone together
  • Poor and in love, our first home of our own
  • Babies, diapers, formula, laughing, crying, exhaustion, love
  • Politics, women’s movement, civil rights, peace movement
  • Speaking my mind, shaking in my boots
  • Life in a tent; baths in a mountain creek, building our home with our own four hands: dreams of self-sufficiency
  • Gymnastics, cross country, careers
  • Camping, canoeing, photography, basketry, writing, publishing
  • Grandchildren, retirement, returning to the dream
  • Building—again; growing our own food; growing ourselves

What’s next?

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