Need a Winter Project?

I’m tickled pink, purple, and every hue of the rainbow to announce that the current Winter issue of Heirloom Gardener includes an article by none other than moi! It’s all about making a personalized garden journal—an excellent day-brightening project for the short, dark winter months. 

Now, you could go out and search for Heirloom Gardener at your local newsstand, but you can also read the article online using this link. You’ll find my article front and center under the “Current Issue” section. If you’re into gardening, whether veggies, flowers, or fruits and nuts, you may want to check it out.


6 thoughts on “Need a Winter Project?

  1. Carole, Congrats on your article in “Heirloom  Gardener!”  Sounds like a great idea and  fun on a snowed-in winter day, like the one we are having now. 10-20″ of snow! I hope they paid you! Sue

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    • Thanks, Sue. I’m laughing because that journal took me well more than a day to make! And yes, I did get paid! You’re really getting a pounding. Snowing here today but looks like just an inch or two so far, though temps are to drop to 3!!! tonight. We’ve never had it snow so often as it has already this year, several times most weeks, it seems. We’re rarely seeing the sun at all.


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