100th Blog Post

How time flies! The first anniversary of my blog flew past without my even noticing. Since I didn’t get to celebrate that milestone, how about this one—last week’s post was my 100th! Is it really possible that I’ve written a hundred blog posts in the last year (plus a couple of months)?

Well, I guess I have, and I’m thrilled to have had readers from across the globe—forty-three countries, to be exact. WOW!

Thank you, friends! You have been so kind. You can’t imagine how much I appreciate you. And here’s a big shout out to Leslie, my most frequent commenter. Thanks, Leslie!To celebrate, I’m sharing my readers’ all-time most popular post here. Second place was a tie: Best  Moment and Needles and Threads, Part I (but you should really read Parts II and III, also.)

My personal favorite? The answer to that question probably changes every day; today it’s this one, if only for sentimental reasons.

Won’t you celebrate with me? Pick one or more of the above and give it a read. And if you want to give me a very special gift in honor of the occasion, share one (or more) of my posts on your favorite social media site and invite your friends to follow along.

Thanks again! Keep on reading!