Found Poetry, Part V describes found poetry as a literary collage  On occasion I like to play around with this genre that takes random words and phrases from newspaper articles and other prosaic sources and rearranges them into poetry.

Last year, I discovered another rich source for found poetry: titles of musical pieces from the SXM station I most often listen to while in the car. In these short poems, which my cousin calls  Almost Haiku, each line is the title of a musical piece.

In a room without lights
gray sky and bittersweet
invoke the elements
amid the stillness

mountain temple
bathed in moonlight
a welcome sight
on our journey

skipping stones
in tide pools
water diamonds

early autumn
island of woods
prism of life
in unknown country

quiet night
oceans of stars
moon meadow
timeless earth

For more of my Found Poetry click here, here, here, and here.  Leave a note below to tell me what you think.

4 thoughts on “Found Poetry, Part V

    • Hi Carole. I forgot how challenging it is to write Found Poetry! I like your idea of branching out beyond newspaper articles, so, I decided to pull words from seed packets. Thought you might find these interesting:

      Stunning crimson seed
      Emerges wild, free and fast
      Dramatic heirloom

      Forget me not heads
      Young, warm archetypal hearts
      Heavenly baby life

      Thanks for making my brain do a few calisthenics !!

      Amy M

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